Sunday, November 3, 2019

More black people ++ More degrees ++ #edu #culture #back2school

1. This successful businessman has returned to school for TWO PhDs

2. WHY YOU SHOULD SUPPORT HBCUs, by Howard University's President




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Monday, September 30, 2019

what are you working on?

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Saturday, August 31, 2019

I'm going back to sleep.

Sometime soon, I'll like to try eating better things, and getting things organized so that I can always have an abundance of better things to feed myself, and so that everybody maybe everywhere can have high-quality food as well.
Yeah, I don't want to cook my own food, but I am crazy about food, and sensitive/picky/food-snobbish.

I ate an apple a few hours ago that tasted too sugary and not enough apple-y.  Apples, by the way, being food for the rich where I live (a poor country, newly christened 'poverty capital of the world')  because they're imported, I think.

The not-so-rich also suffer poor nutrition OF COURSE - can't afford protein, can't afford calories let alone a balanced diet and all that, and the whole thing depresses me a bit, because I love food.
I want to see food everywhere - mushrooms and aromatic oils and locust beans and baked goodies and a wild, sexy variety, wilder than that inbred apple I just grudgingly enjoyed with garden eggs - yum - and a weird red tomato - fun.

Food, sleep, and world peace before I open my eyes - that would be nice.

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