Monday, September 24, 2012

Tanya Khovanova reviews a book: Taking Sudoku Seriously

Taking Sudoku Seriously: Why do I like this post?

I agree that sudoku is math is fun: "the goal of the book is to establish a bridge from Sudoku to math. And the book does a superb job of it."

I've also pondered: "methods to solve Sudoku, how to count the number of different Sudoku puzzles, and how to find the smallest number of clues that are needed for a unique puzzle."

Something new: "Sudoku with a twist" like this:
Taking Sudoku Seriously Puzzle 91
Elsewhere on Tanya Khovanova's blog, she discusses a geometric measure, my boy Perelman, and other mathy-things that I actually care about. Could she be my long-lost (math) blog sister?

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