Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Signals homework: make an instrument, or make a light sensor, something like that

I tried to insert "making" in my latest go-round teaching engineering Signals and Systems.  It didn't happen - yielded one lonely drum - but I will try again before the semester ends.  I'll show the class this video for inspiration.

Because we all need to play, for God's sake.

I'll possibly give the option of using software (instead of making things), that is, options 3 and 4 will be
- to demo STKInstruments (synthetic toolkit available for instance in Chuck music programming)
- or demo Image Processing using Mathematica or a popular programming language?
But maybe it's better to keep it simple with two options only?

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  1. WE DID IT. Just today, a presentation activity with ~7 students per band :)
    About half used instruments from which they made themselves found objects (many drums, shakers/rattles, clangers and clappers, a flute and a lute), others used a piano keyboard, recorder, harmonica, guitars, and the occasional music software application.
    FUN all around.
    Some great groovy sounds actually, some where ok groovy, but what a nice break from just math in signals. How nice to try making things and become curious about the physics and need the math BEFORE somebody shoves it in your face or your notebook. I wish... Wish education was more like this, with more time for "learning" and "fun."

    Imperfect semester, but we did THIS, and I am so happy.


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