Saturday, November 24, 2012

Can you guess the movie titles?

You need to know a little math to figure these out!
Mathematical film titles: check below for some answers
I found another version at spikedmath:
Movie math Quiz: another version
Do you have more?


  1. The easiest to guess for me was The Social Network (in the second picture), then The Matrix! (I teach matrices, I should know), and Snakes on a Plane (literally).

    There's also Speed, quite precisely represented as the magnitude of the derivative ds/dt.

    I enjoyed figuring out Sin City (as in sine wave with city silhouettes). The four sine waves - what movie is that? OK, there's a film titled Signs apparently.

    I had to peek at a cheat sheet for Heat (the heat equation), and this one that I still don't get: Angels and Demons. What has Euler's identity got to do with an Angel? Oh cool, it's supposed to be Beauty And The Beast - an elegant equation and the mark of the beast. That makes more sense.

    I like Iron X Iron (they say it's Iron Man 2) and the supremo of the ducks (being The Mighty Ducks ? OK)

    Then there's a Little Girl Lost in a short loop : Lost in Space? Lost In Translation?

    Is there a movie titled Ring of Fire or Circle of Fire or something?
    Irrational Behaviour?
    Imaginary Numbers / Imaginary Wall?

    More math film quizzes and guesses here WOW, THERE IS MORE!!! Movie Math Quiz Part 2, Movie Math Quiz 3

  2. Wow! Just how have I survived being away from your geeky posts! And I have been away from Spiked Math, too! Nice one.

    There is a movie called "Ring of fire", and i think the last one is more likely "beauty and the beast", because I don't see how one Euler's equation can stand for "angel". Or maybe I am just not imaginative enough.

  3. Right on with Beauty and the Beast. Miss you too, maybe Island next weekend? Or mid-December if you'll still be in town.


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