Friday, June 13, 2014

Mathematics being this romantic thing

Perelman, who I find adorable by the way, is described in this documentary - in Russian, with English subtitles - as a national hero.
I find the movie deeply poetic; so musical in fact that I want to learn mathematics or - who knows - do mathematics.  I'm just not sure how to proceed.

A butterfly flutter from afar reaches the ear to whisper and stir the belly like a song wake up drive yo! 


  1. You love Grigorii Perelman.
    You'll love this New Yorker piece: Yitang Zhang solves a pure math mystery.
    Zhang is described as "a solitary, part-time calculus teacher at the University of New Hampshire who received several prizes, including a MacArthur award in September, for solving a problem that had been open for more than a hundred and fifty years." It is a gorgeous story, and it inspires me to do mathematics and do life on my own terms.


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